Constellation Papyri


Papyrus codex containing Susanna (P.Bodmer 45); Daniel 1 (P.Bodmer 46); moral exhortations (P.Bodmer 47); and Thucydides, book 6 (P.Bomder 27).
Description: The remains of this codex consist of two papyrus quires. The first contained six folios, of which the first two are now missing. The second quire consists of six folios. The first five extant leaves (folios 3-7) contain the book of Susanna in Greek (in the version of Theodotion). The next two leaves (folios 8-9) contain the Greek text of Daniel 1:1-1:20 in the same version. The recto of folio 10 contains some brief lines copied in a rough hand followed by moral exhortations in a different but equally labored hand arranged in an acrostic pattern. The verso folio 10 is blank, and the sixth book of Thucydides commences on the recto of folio 11 and continues through the verso of folio 12, the last leaf of the second quire. The relationship of these diverse contents is made all the more puzzling by the stark differences in the four hands that have inscribed these leaves. In the ed. pr. of Susanna and Daniel, Carlini and Citi imply this codex was among those purchased by Bodmer from Tano in 1956.
Author: Anonyme
Title: PB T
Language: Ancient Greek (to 1453)
No of scans: 21
Type: Manuscript
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