Constellation Papyri

PB 49

These two fragments of papyrus extracted from mummy cartonnage partially preserve books 9 and 10 of Homer’s Odyssey copied along the fibers (→). The back of the papyrus (↓) is blank with traces of colored paint. The larger extant fragment measures 18.0 cm high, 16.5 cm wide. The fragments were extracted from mummy cartonnage. No definite information about acquisition of the cartonnage is known. Hurst suspected that Bodmer had acquired these pieces before the bulk of the Bodmer papyri proper: “Martin Bodmer l’avait sans doute acheté avant d’acquérir le lot qui fait la célébrité des papyrus Bodmer” (Hurst, “Papyrus Bodmer 49,” 221).
Author: Anonyme
Title: PB 49
Language: Ancient Greek (to 1453)
No of scans: 5
Type: Manuscript
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