Constellation Papyri

PB 41

Seven leaves of a papyrus codex containing a portion of the Acts of Paul in Coptic (L56 dialect).
Description: The seven papyrus leaves that make up P.Bodmer 41 narrate the “Ephesus episode” known from other copies of the Acts of Paul. The pages of P.Bodmer 41 were numbered in the upper margin, but the numbers are only preserved on the leaf containing pages 13-14. One leaf (containing pages 5-6) seems not to have survived. The 6 letters unique to the Coptic language are spelled out at the end of the text in the hand of the original scribe. The leaves making up P.Bodmer 41 are said bought by Martin Bodmer from an antiquities dealer in Cairo around 1956 (Kasser and Luisier, “Le Papyrus Bodmer XLI,” 281).
Author: Anonyme
Title: PB 41
Language: Coptic
No of scans: 17
Type: Manuscript
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