Constellation Papyri

PB 6

Parchment codex containing Proverbs 1:1-21:4 in Coptic (dialect P).

Description: The remains of this codex consist of 64 parchment folios containing Proverbs 1:1-21:4 in Coptic (dialect P). P.Bodmer 6 has been of great interest to scholars because of its rare dialect, for which it is the only witness. This dialect is sometimes called proto-Theban, or proto-Sahidic. Wolf-Peter Funk identifies this dialect as the dialect belonging the farthest South of all known dialects. The codex shows signs of having been partially destroyed by a rodent. There is no precise data for the acquisition of P.Bodmer 6. Kasser states that when P.Bodmer 6 was presented to him, its leaves were found between the wooden boards of another codex, P.Bodmer 19 (Kasser, Papyrus Bodmer VI, viii).
Author: Anonyme
Title: PB 6
Language: Coptic
No of scans: 77
Type: Manuscript
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