Constellation Papyri

PB 40

Eight leaves from a parchment codex containing the Song of Songs in Coptic (Sahidic).
Description: These parchment leaves contain a portion of the Song of Songs written in a classic Sahidic dialect. Only eight leaves survive today, but the last leaf in numbered ⲣ̅ⲛ̅ⲍ̅ (157) so there is evidence that these leaves were once part of a larger codex. Because the Song of Songs is poetry the letters per line and even the location of the margins on the pages varies greatly. The dimensions given here are taken from the longest of any line. For a full description of the dimensions of each individual page see Kasser and Luisier, “P.Bodmer XL,” 151. The page number of the final page is written with a red ink on top of the black (page 157). The manuscript must have been in the possession of Bodmer by 1959, when it was included in a list of unpublished manuscripts in Bodmer’s collection (Till, “Coptic Biblical Texts,” 240).
Author: Anonyme
Title: PB 40
Language: Coptic
No of scans: 18
Type: Manuscript
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