Rufus Pollock – A Sustainable Digital Age

Making a digital economy that works for everyone

Rufus Pollock
Founder and President of Open Knowledge,
global leader in information policy and the digital economy

Thursday 11 May | 6:30 pm
Uni Mail, room MR290

Rufus Pollock, expert on digital policy, openness and innovation, will demonstrate how democratising information offers solutions to a number of essentials issues linked to our digital evolution: which will be the place of human beings at work while the role played by the robots is constantly increasing? How can we preserve freedom in a world of Googles and Facebooks, who have the power to shape our thinking and actions? What will be our ability to reduce digital inequality and to build an economy and society which fit for the digital information age? And how harness the full power of digital tech for innovation and creativity? Open knowledge offers one of the greatest policy opportunities of the twenty-first century, to create not only a more innovative and transparent society, but also one which is creative, fair, free and well. Rufus Pollock is a global leader in information policy and the digital economy. He is a researcher, entrepreneur and technologist, who has advised governments and organizations around the world on how we can build the best possible digital age, inclusive, innovative and open. He is the President and Founder of Open Knowledge, an international non-profit organization using advocacy and technology to empower people with access to information and the capacity to use it.