Digital Humanities and Digital Humanism

Digital cultural has taken root in the intellectual landscape and in the world of human sciences research. It has modified the production and diffusion of knowledge, prompting interrogations about its history and its institutional standing. The scholarly world is experiencing this conversion in different ways, with some decrying a break with the past and its traditions, others welcoming new methods and new possibilities for discovery. On all sides, we are asking questions about the intersection of interpretive science and computer science, as well as about the epistemological coherence of digital humanities.

These questions will be at the heart of the presentation:

Digital Humanities and Digital Humanism

by Milad Doueihi, chair of Digital Humanities (Sorbonne Universities)

Monday 23 May 2016, 18:30

Uni Bastions


Milad Doueihi, one of the principal theoreticians of the digital world, will take us back through the multiple histories of the Digital Humanities, touching on the founding fathers, Alan Turing and Father Busa. This lecture, organised by the Bodmer Lab, will serve as the opportunity for opening debate on the place of humanism in present-day digital culture.